Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us at the Reliant Group of Companies. 2021 was a Transformational Year for the Reliant Group of Companies. In the year, Revenues across all business units grew over 250% with the fastest growing and largest division growing over 4800%, and the slowest growing division growing over 30% despite organizational changes.

As exciting to me was the growth in our Employee Count, beginning 2021 with 9 employees across all divisions and ending with 25. It is the addition of these key players that made this growth possible, and as I look out into 2022 I look forward to growing headcount to over 50 and revenues 400-500% above our current levels.

Last but not least, 2022 will bring the opening of new Business Units, SW1776 (Multiple Locations), Reliant Ventures, and Reliant Development, each of which will bring its own excitement to the Reliant Group of Companies. It has been great working with Saladworks and Boston Scott Golf Apparel to date, and we look forward to expanding these partnership and forming new ones in the New Year. On behalf of all of us at the Reliant Group of Companies, I would like to thank all of our Clients and Partners, especially our close Partners from Verkada and I hope you had a very Happy and Healthy Holidays and New Years with your Families.


Timothy D. Burns

Founder & CEO

Reliant Group of Companies


Burns Construction

Reliant Ventures