Introducing Verkada Guest: Strengthening Security while Simplifying Visitor Management

Introducing Verkada Guest: Strengthening Security while Simplifying Visitor Management

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Verkada is excited to announce the launch of Verkada Guest, the new visitor management solution built on our cloud-based Command software platform. From touchless check-in to custom branding, personalize the sign-in experience for all types of visitors while integrating with cameras and access control.

Introducing Verkada Guest: Strengthening Security while Simplifying Visitor Management

The return to offices has brought a renewed focus on the convergence of physical and workplace safety. It’s become clear to facilities managers, operations managers, and CISOs that ensuring physical safety requires managing all people inside the building — employees and visitors.

But today, visitor management systems are often ‘dumb’ front-end tools that aren’t connected to the physical security systems, resulting in an incomplete view of who is in the building and the potential risks to others. To truly manage physical security, enterprises need a single solution to manage the security of visitors, employees, and contractors. That’s why we’re excited to announce Verkada Guest — our newest product that incorporates visitor management into your physical security architecture — all within a single pane of glass.

Verkada Guest visitor management software system

What is Verkada Guest?
Verkada Guest is a visitor management solution to welcome and manage guests, vendors, interviewees, delivery personnel, and more. And because Guest natively integrates with Verkada’s cameras and access control solutions, it provides visibility into the entire guest experience, from entry to check out. Guest is an easy and secure way to provide a simple visitor experience. Here are some things you can do with it:

Increase the security of your workplace. Verkada Guest is built on top of the Command Platform, seamlessly integrating with existing users, sites, security policies, and enterprise integrations. Through a single pane of glass, administrators and users can set up and configure facilities for video security, access control, environmental sensing, alarms — and now visitor management. Organizations can designate cameras for live monitoring on the visitor log dashboard, control access to key areas by integrating with Access Control, and instantly view guest movement throughout the facility.

Verkada Guest visitor management software system UI

Simplify the check-in experience. No more paper-based sign-in sheets or Google Forms to screen health status. With Verkada Guest, create a tailored experience for different types of visitors, from delivery personnel to interview candidates. Features like touchless check-in, photo capture, badge printing, arrival notifications, and even remote unlock create a welcoming environment.

Verkada Guest visitor management software system iPad

Drive productivity and improve transparency. Verkada Guest provides the right level of access to the right users. With 3 unique roles, admins can grant control to specific individuals, who can then modify the settings related to their sites. Whether it’s updating the branding, customizing the check-in flows by site, or managing the alerts around specific visitor events, Guest gives you control over your guest experience.